Saturday, 9 May 2015

Hey people! How are you guys doing? I'm currently really really bores. Mainly because I've either finished most of the Mangas and Animes that I want to watch or just waiting for new episodes to come around. By the way, I've also been trying to work on my NaLu fanfiction but so far, I've got no inspiration. I've also got my cell phone novel to start on but I just can't get a good plot. I'm in a huuuuuge dilemma right now. Well then, I guess that'll be the end of this post cause I have decided to go and think of some plots for my novel. See you soon!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Tokyo Ghoul

This 12 episode anime is all about ghouls, the ghoul hunters and a normal human named Kaneki Ken. This series talks about the boy Kaneki Ken, confessing to a girl named Kamishirou Rize, whose real identity is a ghoul. Kaneki had fallen in love with the waitress Kamishirou Rize after going to a cafe, known as Anteiku, and decided to tell her his feelings after being encouraged by his best friend Hideyoshi Nagachika. With that said, Kaneki's confession succeeded. However, what Kaneki didn't expect from his 'girlfriend' Kamishirou Rize is that she would try to eat him on their very first date. Just as Kaneki was about to be eaten, some large pipes placed at the top of a building came rolling down onto Rize and thus, killed both of them. Luckily for Kaneki, he was saved by a mysterious doctor, who transferred Rize's organs into Kaneki's own body. But, this has caused Kaneki to become half-ghoul. A fact which greatly displeases and upsets him in the beginning. Terrified and confused, Kaneki seeked helped from the residents of Anteiku.

As Kaneki goes deeper into the world of the Ghouls, he realises that there is actually not much difference between a ghoul and a normal human. Kaneki also learns to accept and live with his half-ghoul self as the story progresses.

My thoughts and opinions:
If you ask me, out of 10 how many points I would give to this series, I would tell you 10. This anime deserves the perfect score in terms of plot, impact, setting, creativity and characterization. It is so amazing and interesting that you can't not try it out. The unique plot draws you in and makes you wonder how a world with ghouls is really like. But most of all,the feelings of sympathy, sadness, anger, injustice and horror that this anime invokes, through the various situations that happens,just makes you bond with the main protagonist and the show. Throughout the whole show, the only thing I wanted was to have the main protagonist have some happiness. Since in this show, the main character seem to be robbed of his happiness at every chance. This show also makes you realise the importance of life and friendship and constantly keeps you on your toes on what will happen next. The show also has a wide range of unique characters that makes you cry out in sympathy for them. The other amazing part about Tokyo Ghoul is that it has one of the best fights ever! There are fights between fellow ghouls and fights between the ghouls and the ghouls hunter, aka the Commission of Counter Ghoul(CCG). This anime is filled to the brim with action-packed scenes between its characters that leaves you in awe.  Not to mention, the gore in this anime is the highest. This anime is also popular for its gorey scenes with blood splattering. So, if you do not like gore, you should not watch this or else, you'll be scared for life. But, if you are looking an anime that makes you rethink about your life, your friends, and has gore and action, this show is definitely the one for you!

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